Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

Laura in my Mannequin Shades

Another great SunglassesPhoto I did with a model named Laura. She wears my Mannequin Shades from the 80's. Handmade in France and it fits perfect, if you ask me!!!

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Zeiss 2092 Red and Green/Blue Made in W.Germany 1980's Collection CLUB

The red one is a present from my loving brother Dennis!!! Thank you!!!
I think the Frame rocks in both colors and the gold on the Top of them is the shit and makes this almost normel frame to something real special. For the quality there is no more to say as ZEISS!!!

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Alpina M1 Made in W. Germany Pink

Told ya!!! I love the M1!!!
I never ever saw the M1 again in a Pink Color...i was suprised about what freakin colorcombinations the M1 had!!!

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Special002 Stevie Wonder

I think you all remeber my first special about my alltime fav. sunglasses the Alpina M1!!!

Today its time for the 2nd Special and this time its not about a COOL FRAME that everybody loves, no, its about a COOL GUY that everybody loves. STEVE WONDER was born in 1950 and is known all over the World as a great musician. His first recored was recorded in 1962 so he only was 12 years old and since this time there was no stopping for him as musican and componist. But thats not the only reason im posting this here, you all gone know, it about his style of shades he is wearing the 70's and 80's.
I really was suprised when i was searching for photos what kind of styles he was rocking. Some of them is well known and i can easely name them but there are a lot i dident could identify. Maybe one of you can tell me a frame so i could expend my knowledge about vintage frames.
Thanks for yourt help, just leave a comment or drop me a mail.

First of all my and Stevies alltime Fav. the Alpina M1 in Black with golden Screws. I once talked to a manufacter of the M1 and he called the M1 the "Steve Wonder Galsses".

That was a Pic i was really supriesed and happy about. He was wearing a white Cazal 951 and it seems like they had mirroed Lenses. Really rare these days.

And another Classic for these days. Its a Porsche Design 5620 produced by Carrera in the 80's. This cool Stunners was made famouse by two people in the 80's. First, for all you HipHopHeads:
Kool Moe Dee
And for sure
Yoko One (espacilly on the rolling stone cover from the 1st Oct 1981).
I dont have a clue, it seems like it have to be from the 70's???

80's and massiv but no clue, i will be thanksfull for help.

These are really great but i dont know what brand or model, thes have to be from the 70's!?

These Aviators look familier, but no clue. I really like them. Late 70's early 80's. What do you think?

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

Me and my brandnew Technic Design by Alpina!!! Surf Version!!! Made in W.Germany 80's

These are my new "Technic Design created by Alpina"!!! Yes thats the name, but as you can see its says SURF, and thats why there are those amazing blue swimmers on them, it protects them from drowning. So if i will lose them on my Surfboard i will get them back.

First i saw this Model of maddnes from Alpina on Solaris great Blog in two different colors and i love them.

And Corey form the VintageFramesCompany decided, that its a Creme de la Creme Frame!!!
Now i call them my own in a 3rd colorway and as a surf-version. I was wondering if the Grey one is a Surf or not. Anyway in white they are the Best!!!
Those Alpinas are f...... HUGE!!! They have about the size of the Porsche Design 5620.
They are just great, what do you think?

Samstag, 28. November 2009

Ferrari F27-S Folding Made in Italy Red/Brown Gold 1980's

Its the 3rd Ferrari Frame I Post on my little Blog but i think it will not be the last. All Ferrari-Shades i found till now really stand for themselves, just like the cars.
The F-27 S is a folding Model with a Red/Brown and golden Frame made out of plastic and metal. They are not that HUGE and they have a really classic typ of shape. The best detail on this great Vintage Eyewear is the Horse, it stays in the middle even if you fold the whole frame together.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Alpina M1/8 Made in W. Germany "Rare as Hell"

I already told you all about my love to the Alpina M1, its my Fav from day one, but what you see here is a somthing really special!!!

Its a Alpina M1/8 as far as i learned it was only made cause of an anniversary of the Alpina Company and only gave away to spacial shopholder or customers...i dont know if its the truth but they are really rare so it sounds like it could be.

I know three colorways of the M1/8. The White, the Black and the Golden one, all 3 have the tortoise decor as you cann see on the white one. These are really really ill!!!

Montag, 23. November 2009

Christian Dior 2434 Optyl 80's Pink Made in Austria 2434

Its a classic!!!
As you can see the shield is in a light brown colorway and a little mirrored. The Color of the temples is pink so its a funky kind of shades. Made out of Optyl and in Austria.

Freitag, 20. November 2009

Dunhill 6069 Tortoise Gold Optyl Made in Germany cica early 90's

Dunhill Shades are very hard to find these days and i think its because they are really one of the best vintage brands ever. The Dunhill 6069 are one of the coolest i have ever found since i started collecting vintage shades. With the square Lenses they look classic and high class. i love the combo out of the optyl-made frame and the gold metal right next to the lenses.

Dr.Shapiro says:
"Vintage Dunhill sunglasses are a sign of prestige on anyone who rocks them! Vintage Dunhill Sunglasses are made from Optyl, with a combination of medals and plastic."

Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Christian Dior Monsieur 2330 80's Titane Made in Japan

Those shades are crazy!!!
Corey from vintageframescompany told you last week:
"Vintage Dior Monsieur, now better known as Dior Homme was hands down one of the dopest vintage sunglasses line. Also made with Optyl materials, the quality and the styles are un-matched. I collect men's Dior sunglasses. The vintage ones in my opinion are a million times cooler than the new ones, but hey, i say that about everything in my life!"

But this great piece is not out of optyl its made out of titan!!! The material is one of the strongest and lights materials ever. All of the early Titan Frames are producted in Japan cause they where the first who found a way to weld this fine material.

The Color of this Frame are a very yellow Gold with a detail of chopper colored titan.

Zone7Style x T.O.S.O.T.P x Albert and Pearl LIVE EVENT

This saturday its going down...on the 21st of November at albert & peaal upper 181 street islington!!!
My man Seth Bradley from Zone7Style and the other side of the pillow have a vintage sale/exhibition.
Its just 2 more days to go!!!

Im really sad, cause i can not come to london!!!

I hope i will see some pics on seths blog after the event.

I wish them all the best!!!

Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Ray Ban Shooter Leather Edition, B&L Bausch und Lomb, Made in USA, 80's

Im not a big fan of RAY-BAN (even if i know its a classic brand), but these leather shooters kick ass...They are Huge and they have phototropic lenses wich turn in really dark color when you have enough sun!!!

Freitag, 13. November 2009

Cazal 325 Made in W.Germany Passau Dark Red Gold 80's

Since i learned about CAZAL this model was one i hunted till i got it!!! I love it in this colorway but i would take these in every other color i could get them, cause they are just funky!!!

If you ask me, the 325 are one of the TOP-MODELS Cazal ever made!!!


Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

Lacoste 177 l677d Aviator 1980's Green/Blue Made in France

These are my first Lacoste Shades and i cant belive how beautyful they are!!! They Fit perfact and the Colors kick ASS!!! Its an Darkblue to Green colorgradient!!! just great!

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

"I might bring back Versace shades"

These are two photos i did of my brother rocking vintage versace shades, like rihanna and Amber Rose did!!!

Amber Rose

Thanks for the Pic of Amber to

Samstag, 7. November 2009

Zeiss Competition West Germany

There are a lot of oldfashion sunglassesbrands out there, but when it comes to quality, for me it seems like zeiss where on top of the game in the 80's.

If you ever had the chance to get your hands on one frame of the competition series of zeiss you will know what i mean.

the temples are adjustable, the details on the frame are fantstic, the combo out of gold and silver rocks and they feel like they are build to last!!!

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Everyone loves the Alpina M1, me too!!!

The first vintage shades i had where a pair of Alpina M1`s. I found them on a Fleemarket im my hometown. I rocked them without knowing what kind of classicpiece a found for one Euro!!!
After a while i realized that Jay Z is rocking the same Pair of shades in his "show me what you got" video. So i started searching for them and now im an addict to all of these vintage glasses.

Now i know that Jay Z is wearing the small version of the M1 but i really like the Big Ones better!!!

I thought it would be intersting to show who is or was sporting the Alpina Topseller from the 80's. Its not like only the Rapstars from nowerdays are in love with them Alpina sold millions of M1's when they where originally producted.

Cee Lo Green (of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley)

Playaz Circle

Ricardo Tubbs (miami vice)

Kanye West

Steve Wonder

Scott Storch

Rick Ross

Victoria Backham

Lindsay Lohan

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Jay Z

Musique the Soulchild

Scott Storch (again)

Miles Davis

And Myself!!!